Handcrafted Thrones

Thrones built from found objects at recycling centres, fabric shops and gifts from fellow artists. 

MadHatter Throne
Throne in Velvet
The Frog Prince Throne

Lismore Light Gardens

An ecological, towering, interactive garden in the heart of Lismore which embraces sustainability, community and playfulness.


In 2018, the Southern Cross University (SCU) Live Ideas team in partnership with the Lismore Quadrangle formed a project whereby SCU Art and Engineering students were invited to form teams to create a dynamic, sustainable, and playful structure to be installed in the new open-air cultural precinct in the middle of Lismore.


Jolene Maleficient (aka Robyn Saurine) was part of the winning team who proposed a self-contained garden design that was housed within 3 pallet cube structures. Each structure housed a permaculture garden which would mature over the course of the structure’s life. Plants were trained to grow toward the top cube which housed a solar led light to illuminate the garden in the evening. The stacked pallets provided seating near the Lismore Regional Gallery to encourage passers-by to walk through the garden.

Lismore Light Gardens Day View
Lismore Light Gardens Sectional Perspect
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